Portfolio 2017

  • To provide a new to build vessel with the latest hydrographic survey equipment Stek-GHE has performed a market assessment and provided the client with a well substantiated report and assisted with tendering.


  • To map the navigation channel ‘Wielingen’ (between the harbour of the Dutch town Vlissingen and the Belgian border) Stek-GHE delivered multibeam-, backscatter-, gradio- and sidescan surveys with aid of ZSP’s vessel ‘ms HT1’. The gathered data is used for archaeological research and for defining and mapping the exact elevation of the seabed on site. To determine the elevation of seabed, i.e. the draught of water, referenced to L.A.T (Lowest Astronimical Tide) Stek-GHE produced a model to deduct the measured heights referenced to local chart datum (N.A.P. – Normaal Amsterdams Peil) to the heights referenced to L.A.T. The model is based on the official model of the Hydrographic Service of the Royal Netherlands Navy (Dienst der hydrografie).
  •  For the regularly collaboration of Zeeland Seaports and Port of Ghent the vessel ‘ms HT1’ performs hydrographic surveys in the harbours of Gent. Stek-GHE acquirers the (hydrographic) data, performs the data processing (bathymetric and object detection) and delivers the required dataformats and survey reporting.


  • To test the hydrographic survey system on board ZSP’s vessel ‘ms HT1′ against it’s accuracy and reliability, Stek-GHE performs annually an acceptation test according to written specifications as described in the Dutch Standards for Hydrographic Surveys norm A (Rijkswaterstaat NL-norm A, you can find the specifications here). This makes it that the system is tested according to latest specifications and any errors in the system are noticed and will be fixed.



  • For the project: ‘Depot Hollands Diep’ (Silt Deposit ‘Hollands Diep’ see Google Earth), Stek-GHE processes the deformation measurements of the dikes conform the projects’ quality system.


  • For Baggerbedrijf De Boer/Dutch Dredgings’ 4320 m³ seagoing Trailer Suction Hopper Dredger (TSHD) ‘Seine’, Stek-GHE performs the project management on preparations and dossier evaluation on the dredgers’ monitoring- and registration system for acceptance according the regulations of the Dutch Directorate General for Water, Traffic and Environment (Rijkswaterstaat Water Verkeer en Leefomgeving)  MARS2 program.


  • Due to a complete grand docking of Baggerbedrijf De Boer/Dutch Dredgings’ 2760 m³ seagoing TSHD ‘Amazone’, Stek-GHE was requested to replace and upgrade the IT, KVM (Keyboard Video Mouse) systems, testing of the monitoring software (Teledyne-PDS) and assisted with upgrading the network on board. Both all pc’s and KVM system are completely replaced by up-to-date systems and software.


  • Stek-GHE assisted with the Project Survey on the dregding activities at the ‘Wielingen’ navigation channel (between Vlissingen and the Belgian border) in the Netherlands




  • Stek-GHE supervised the survey department of Royal Smals (Koninklijke Smals bv). The assignment included the support and training of the surveyors, set up survey procedures, optimization of the department and monitoring systems on the vessels and dredgers and to support the projectmanagement team of Smals. As a new employee is found and hired the tasks were handed over.



  • For a contract of bv aannemingsbedrijf De Klerk, Stek-GHE has tend the demanded survey plan. All the principal’s (Rijkswaterstaat) requested aspects were covered and well substantiated. The resulting plan was directly approved whereby the project could commence immediately. The principal demanded the deployment of a NL norm-A approved survey vessel, Stek-GHE covered the acceptance of bv aannemingsbedrijf De Klerk survey vessel ‘ms Spui’. After approval of the hydrographic surveysystem the vessel was commenced immediately!
  • To support the project, Stek-GHE also executed the survey works on board of the surveyvessel and on the dredger. Multibeam surveys during the works are executed conform the survey plan for project monitoring and to record all different phases of the project.
  • Stek-GHE was hired for the project survey of a rock dumping -profiling project in the river ‘IJssel’ near the town of Zutphen. Work comprimised data acquisition and -processing, providing the rope excavator with data and consultation with the project management.





  • For a client Teledyne-Reson provides the monitoringsystem including implementation of the Dutch Directorate General for Water, Traffic and Environment (Rijkswaterstaat Water Verkeer en Leefomgeving)  MARS2 program. Prior to commencing Stek-GHE provided the engineers of TR a report covering an inspection on location whereby the engineers can prepare the interfacing of all components and installing required equipment.
  • Stek-GHE was hired for calibration and commissioning a monitoringsystem (Teledyne-PDS) on a rope crane in Dagebüll, Germany.





To support the crew on board of Faasse bv’s TSHD Scald in using their monitoringsystem (Teledyne PDS), Stek-GHE provided instruction on board and made a practical guide to support the crew in standard tasks.

Thereupon Faasse bv was provided recommendations to fully use the system and at the most efficient way.



Stek-GHE provides the Survey department of Geotron support and assistance in management and equipment. Consult on the departments’ business plan and the required equipment (vessel and hydrographic equipment) is still ongoing.




Since the start of Stek-GHE there has been contact with vessel builder DutchWorkboats bv to collaborate. Both companies complement each other and due mutual interest a collaboration is starting to take shape. We can offer you a complete package: a robust, fast and full vessel provided with the requested equipment and hydrographic services to support your projects.  Visit the DWB website to check out the vessels at: www.dutchworkboats.com or contact us to discuss the possibilities.